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Dal Cero

OASI ORIENTALE, Scented Minerals - Dal Cero


5.5"d x 2"h.  Minerals with Concrete Holder & Fragrance Oil

Colors: Sand | White | Grey | Black

Dal Cero created a timeless beauty, purity and harmonious design.  All genuine, untreated natural minerals are carefully selected and come in a glass bowl insert for a cement holder, that can be used either as a stand-alone or is compatible with Dal Cero's refillable scented candle.  This circular design product with the fragrance of balmy breezy summer mystique gives an essence that lasts forever.   

Each time you feel the need, add three to five perfume drops into the minerals and let the fragrance intoxicate you.  

  • Barite 50%
  • Rock crystal 50%
Product Detail
  • Concrete Dish
  • Glass Insert
  • Perfume Oil
  • Weight - 1150g / 2.5 lbs