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Tohaku Small Candle Set


7 Piece Pak of Small TOHAKU Candles (0.71"dia x 3.15"h) duration 80 minutes

1 Small KOMA Stand

These candles are traditional Japanese candles, called "WA-ROUSOKU," made from natural waxes. The candles use a number of different kinds of waxes that are derived from plant-based raw materials: fruits of Haze (sumac) tree, rice bran, canola flower oil, and fruits of Urushi tree.  The natural energy stored in these plants are utilized when these candles are burned, thus making them eco-friendly.  

  • Minimalist gift for men and women
  • Artisan
  • Vegan
  • Mindful meditation

The flame of the TAKAZAWA candles is bigger and brighter.  This is due to the structure of the traditional wick which is thick in diameter. The wick is made of the combination of WASHI-paper, rush weed, and silk fiber, all derived from the nature as well.