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Ecoist Introduces ITO ITO to Our Circular Design Community

by Paloma Jacome

Textile waste continues to pile up on us and a significant portion of it is contributed from kid's clothing. Why? Because kids go through clothes faster than them turning into teens! What's worse about this crisis is that kidswear is often made of synthetic (aka plastic) materials like polyester which is not only harmful to your child's delicate skin but even more harmful to our land and waterways. Every time we wash our synthetics, little bits of plastic leach out of our clothes, swirl down the drain, and make their way into the ocean. Any when discarded they end up in landfills never decomposing. So these clothes just sit in a landfill for hundreds of years while polluting microplastics. There's hope because ITO ITO is joining Ecoist's community of circular designers!

Ecoist is constantly seeking better, healthy, and eco-friendly upgrades for the products we use every day and now finally found sustainable kidswear. 

ITO ITO is sustainable kidswear designed for all kids to grow with them.

ITO ITO is sustainable kidswear designed for all kids to grow with them. ITO ITO's designs are intentionally gender neutral and made with the safest materials for your little ones, including OEKO certified linen and 100% organic GOTS certified cotton. Plus, ITO ITO strategically designs its pieces to fit for longevity and functionality by incorporating stretch, optimizing primary pull areas such as the neckline with buttons or biodegradable elastic and creating outfits to be worn for anything whether its school, play or home. 

Meet the Maker

Cynthia Hernandez-Olofsson, ITO ITO founder and circular designer

The founder and circular designer behind ITO ITO is Cynthia Hernandez-Olofsson, an LA native with her studio currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. Inspired by her son and after designing women's clothing for several years, Cynthia started ITO ITO with the vision of reducing children's clothing waste, minimizing footprint and creating kidswear that will last longer. 

Beyond saving the planet, Cynthia designs for the parents’ pain points. She has an intimate understanding of the problems all parents face which was another motivation to create ITO ITO.

“From a parent perspective, I understand, which is why I design basics that are washable, potty proof and can withstand high heat.”

Although ideal to maintain clothing to its maximum potential, parents don’t always have the extra time to hand wash and this is just one pain point Cynthia incorporated into her design engineering. 

Circular Design

ITO ITO products are designed with precise circular intention, from the materials used to production to end of life, which leaves us a little less eco-anxious with the state of the world. Every item is made to order, cutting out excess inventory and consequential waste. Also, production of each item is strategic to minimize overall scrap fabric and footprint. The best part is once your ITO ITO item from Ecoist is completely loved to death, worn out, and unwearable, you can feel good about disposing of it because it's biodegradable! 

ITO ITO quality fabric

“It’s been impossible to find nice, organic fabric in the U.S.”

The quality of fabric is extremely important to Cynthia which is why she has carefully vetted and selected a green certified factory in Portugal to partner with for material sourcing. Locality is essential to achieve sustainability because less transportation equates to less carbon emissions throughout the supply chain, which is why it is admirable that ITO ITO seeks local partners within Europe. It is also important to note that European standards for sustainability have been historically more robust and present ideal examples for the world to follow as we all try radically transforming to a circular economy. If it’s not made from explicitly 100% sustainable materials, then ITO ITO items are made from deadstock fabric. As a mother herself, Cynthia relates to the concerns associated with deadstock fabric and their traceability. More to come from ITO ITO is a potential collection with upcycled vintage jackets for kids with attention to material traceability. 

Why Organic Cotton for Children

Everything changes when you bring your child into the world and at Ecoist we know how hard you’re trying to give your child a better, healthier life which is why we’re here to help you. We’re passionate about giving back your time by doing all the research and extensive vetting for you, so that you can lead an elevated sustainable lifestyle effortlessly. By shopping with us, you have peace of mind that your home will be healthier and happier.

Children are mini human sponges. Whatever material you put on their sensitive and porous skin, children will absorb it. Which is exactly why you should avoid materials with harsh chemicals and opt for organic cotton. 100% organic GOTS certified cotton is not only safer for your child but is more comfortable because of its breathability as a natural fiber. The regulation of GOTS certified cotton ensures that no processing chemicals were utilized during production. Since organic cotton is natural it is the most suitable to protect your child, minimizing risk for skin irritation. In fact, organic cotton is preferred for those with eczema.

Organic cotton offers even more sustainability through its quality. The strength, durability and resilience of organic cotton will allow you to hold onto your child’s clothes longer, minimizing purchasing costs and waste. Its quality will allow you to wash over and over while keeping its form. Also, organic cotton performs better against the elements, adapting to climate conditions to prevent your child from feeling too hot or too cold. 

There are so many reasons why organic cotton is better for your children, because why would you wrap your precious gift to the world in fabric derived from petroleum? And 100% organic GOTS certified cotton is better than conventional cotton because of its thorough regulation for the best possible quality using best practices. Start with the small things to live a more sustainable life and that can start with a new life.

ITO ITO Orange Organic Bib - Body View

Gift Ideas for Kids

If you don’t have little ones of your own, Ecoist’s Kidswear Collection featuring ITO ITO makes for excellent gifts for your family and friends who do! Since ITO ITO designs to be gender neutral you don’t have to put in the guesswork about if the clothes suit the child. Also, you can feel proud of gifting such high quality and unique kidswear which could never be found just anywhere. You can never go wrong with gifting kids’ clothes because kids go through clothes the most! Whether it’s for a baby shower, your neighbor’s newborn, or nieces and nephews, Ecoist has you covered on thoughtful gift giving.

Choosing Quality Sustainable Kidswear

You can find ITO ITO featured in Ecoist's Kidswear Collection!

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