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Botanical Candle Box


4 Pak of Small URUSHI Candles (0.6" top dia/ 0.4" btm dia x 3.2"h) duration of 50 minutes.

1 Small Casted Iron KOMA Stand  

URUSHI is a plant-derived raw material used for Japanese lacquerware but, for these candles, the fruits of the URUSHI trees are harvested to extract candle wax.

It is a very precious material only manufactured in a small quantity once a year in autumn.  

  • Vegan
  • Artisanal
  • Mindful meditation
  • Romantic gift 

The flame of the TAKAZAWA candles is bigger and brighter.  This is due to the structure of the traditional wick which is thick in diameter. The wick is made of the combination of WASHI-paper, rush weed, and silk fiber, all derived from the nature as well.