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Trudy Perry Design

Fiber Art by Trudy Perry - Flow


"Flow" by Trudy Perry 

Vintage metal springs, wool, rope, fabric

27” x 51”

The artist Trudy Perry creates her profound artwork through a physically immersive experiential process with a found object.  "Flow" was created with old metal bed springs which offered an inspiring canvas to explore new bold textures of fibers that can be traced as feminine empowerment back in an ancient era, reconnecting us to human ambitions and desire to understand, and belong by act of weaving. 

The organic aspect of these biodegradable materials were lost from most of ancient societies, yet contemporary artists revived fibers to fine art; they are changing our expectations of weaving, pushing us forward to live in a wonderment of life.

Trudy Perry is a fiber artist living in the Santa Monica Mountains. She finds most of her inspiration through the beauty of nature as well as drawing from her former career as a fashion designer.

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