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Natural Wood & Paper Dustpans


Small Wood-  6.7"w x 8.7"d x 1.6"h. (matching hand broom available)

Large Wood- 10.6"w x 13.8"d x 1.9"h.  

These natural wood dustpans are the result of a relentless pursuit for good functional design.  They're simple and yet beautiful forms made from the wood of "Princess Tree" and aluminum.

Small Black Paper- 8.3"w x 7.9"d x 2.8"h.  

Large Black Paper- 11.8"w x 11.0"d x 3.9"h.  

These unique designed dustpans are made from Japanese paper with black finish.

* Special Pre-Order for the "Broom with Long Japanese Cypress Broomstick" can be done by emailing us at     (allow 3-4 weeks for delivery once an order has been made and confirmed by email)