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Sustainable Clothing

Sustainable Clothing

Upcycled Padded Kimono Jacket By The Chrysalis Lab

Upcycled Padded Kimono Jacket By The Chrysalis Lab

Vintage Long Sleeves Sweat Shirt Weaved & Upcycled - Thrasher Out of stock

Vintage Long Sleeves Sweat Shirt Weaved & Upcycled - Thrasher

Soft Organic Cotton Gauze Robe - Maria

Soft Organic Cotton Gauze Robe - Maria

Simply Elegant Eco Chic Kaftan - Luca

Simply Elegant Eco Chic Kaftan - Luca

Soft A Line Dress - Chloe

Soft A Line Dress - Chloe

Elegant Stand-Up Ruffled Collar Gown - Lydia

Elegant Stand-Up Ruffled Collar Gown - Lydia

Supple Organic Cotton Pajama Set - Bianca

Supple Organic Cotton Pajama Set - Bianca

Gina Bodysuit

Gina Bodysuit


Maricy Underwear

Denise Bralette

Denise Bralette

Silky & Airy Chloe - Herringbone

Silky & Airy Chloe - Herringbone

Chloe Nightgown II

Chloe Nightgown II

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Ecoist Sustainable Clothing Collection will only feature mindfully curated, beautifully designed and well-made fashionable wear in our selections. As in a slow living movement, we are rethinking about how to look fabulously in-style while slowing in following someone else's trends mindset, inspire individuality, and creativity to look within the 'self' and connect with your own timeless style. Once you find that for yourself, you are likely to be spotted by the trend spotters. When it comes down to it, we LOVE fashion, however, we love our environment even more!  So, our vetting process in looking for the right fit for this collection has narrowed to the following shown in the order of our preference:

- Ethically made
- Vintage clothing
- High-end upcycled clothing
- 100% Linen wear
- Ecological sheep and alpaca wool clothing
- Clothing made of sustainable fabrics from fibers grown in regenerative farms
- Waste-based textile
- Recycled cotton
- Organic cotton

It's commonly known by now that the fashion industry is one of the largest polluters in the world after oil and gas. If you haven't thought much about what we wear and how it impacts our health and the environment, it's time to. Modern textiles rely heavily on petrochemical products that come from many of the same oil and gas companies driving greenhouse gas emissions. Today, fashion accounts for up to 10% of global carbon dioxide output—more than international flights and shipping combined.

Polyester, a ubiquitous form of plastic that’s derived from oil, has overtaken textile production. Fast fashion clothing made from polyester and other synthetic fibers are a major source of pollution. As we wear them and live with them around our homes, these fibers break down into tiny bits of microplastics. By just washing clothes we release 500,000 tons of microfibres into the ocean each year, the equivalent of 50 billion plastic bottles, which inevitably pollutes marine life.

Ecoist's climate and sustainability initiative guideline is to not steer away from the above list and we can elaborate more on this.

Why is the first on our list "ethically made"?

Ecoist chooses to collaborate and support thriving designers, makers and producers of wearables who ensure they care for the relationship of workers by taking responsibility for their side of the relationships with fair wages and providing a healthy work environment, as well as assisting community support systems to cultivate happiness.

One of the coolest trends in fashion is growing demands for vintage clothing!

Besides, what a better way to create a circular economy than to give another lifecycle to secondhand clothing while looking stylish.

High-end upcycled clothing is Ecoist's new favorite! It is the best way to go when you splurge on a designer's label, or even your favorite casual activewear, and after a while you just don't love it as much.  

Time to be creative and collaborate with the professional stylist and reimagine your wardrobe to create a whole new look with those out of your closet.  The Chrysalis Lab offers the "Co-Lab" service so now you can collaborate with the celebrity stylist Emma Trask.  Just visit our store -

29350 E Pacific Coast Hwy Suite 8, Malibu, CA 90265

100% linen is one of our favorite choices for a fabric material. You can read our article on the Belgian linen here -

Be sure to read the garment's label, as you may already know, plastic-derived polyamide textiles are absorbed into the skin when worn. Through the simple mechanical process of abrasion, each time you wear these textiles, tiny plastic fibers are rubbed off and absorbed into your body’s biggest organ- your skin.

Here are some abbreviations of fabrics you should avoid: ME (metallic fiber), NY (nylon), PA (nylon polyamide), PE (polyethylene), PES (polyester), PM (metallised polyester), PU (polyethylene fiber), RA (ramie), VI (rayon). 

Ecological sheep and alpaca wool clothing

Ecoist will soon offer divinely soft and comfy wool clothing made from sheep and alpaca grown in sustainable farms with traceability.

Clothing made of sustainable fabrics from fibers grown in regenerative farms.

Ecoist loves textiles made of fibers grown in regenerative farms. It's a complete circular design that nourishes our earth to keep it healthy instead of the majority of farmlands that destroy its soil. And waste-based textiles made from leftover food crops and new innovations of natural fiber mindfully sourced for a circular economy are what we support. We continue to seek the perfect fit for our future sustainable clothing collection.

Check out Agraloop -

Organic cotton & Recycled cotton

Most of us think of cotton as the preferred fabric since it is soft and gentle on our skin. Sustainably farmed organic cotton currently makes up around 1% of the world's global cotton production, while the other 99% uses harmful pesticides, has a larger carbon footprint, and can be harmful to farmers. Campo Collection is designed with highest quality, supplest organic cotton batiste. 

Enjoy the high-end fashionable wear we offer at ECOIST!

Slow Fashion
Vintage Clothing Reimagined
Upcycle Fashion
Luxury Sleepwear for Day and Night 
Sustainable fabrics - GOTS organic cotton
100% Sustainable Abaca Banana fabric