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Belgian Linen Throw & Bath Towel | Ecoist

Belgian Linen Throw & Bath Towel


Party Paper Garland | Ecoist

Party Paper Garland

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Ghana Kigani Grass Pot | Ecoist

Ghana Kigani Grass Pot

Kazi Goods

Earth-Friendly Paper Star Lantern | Ecoist

Earth-Friendly Paper Star Lantern


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Pillow Cover - Red Earth Stripe | Ecoist

Pillow Cover - Red Earth Stripe


Nanao Candle Gift Box | Ecoist

Nanao Candle Gift Box


Casted Iron Candle Holder | Ecoist

Casted Iron Candle Holder


Ghana Planter Basket | Ecoist

Ghana Planter Basket

Kazi Goods

Pillow Cover - Mustard Stripe | Ecoist

Pillow Cover - Mustard Stripe


Handwoven Storage Basket - Pink & Sun

Handwoven Storage Basket - Pink & Sun

Kazi Goods

Knitted Hemp & Leather Lampshade

Knitted Hemp & Leather Lampshade

Sol de Mayo

Merino Wool Felted Lampshade

Merino Wool Felted Lampshade

Sol de Mayo


Surround yourself with the beauty of mindfully designed luxuries in your living environment Our home décor collection is made of high luxe materials, crafted by male and female artisans from all around the world.

The brands who partner with Ecoist thoughtfully consider each of the home goods they design. They choose the best artisans who can work with them to actualize their visions and create the best quality end products,  merging traditions of ancient craftsmanship with modern visual trends. 

This symbiotic relationship between these makers and artisans is how the exquisite items of Ecoist’s home decor collection are created.

These artisans earn a fair wage. This practice empowers their financial ability to provide proper care and security for their families. 

Create Your Own Personal Sanctuary with Ecoist’s Home Decor 

Curious to know more about our home wares? Here are some of the life-enhancing experiences you can achieve for yourself or a loved one.

Inspires mindfulness, meditation and inner peace through the subtle beauty of our handcrafted candle designs.

Transform the vibe of your entire living space with a chic throw blanket or a cozy pillow ensemble so that it feels fresh, on-trend and renewed. Bring out your playful personality with accent colors. Add warmth, comfort and the ambiance of nurturance, while taking your home to the next level with consciously created interior design elements. 

Highlights From Our Collection

Tinte A Mano Alpaca Throw Blanket

“Tinte A Mano” is the name of a handwoven, hand dipped and dyed, ombre throw blanket. It adds eco-luxe style to your home with the power of its hues, juxtaposed against the luxurious softness of baby alpaca fleece, farmed and woven by the masterful artisans in Peru.  

Kigani Grass Pot

The look of our Kigani Grass Pot is what you may find in Elle Decor magazine. Handwoven from seagrass, this basket can be used as a basket for stunning dry flower arrangements or as an object d'art.

Bahari Floor Planter

Kazi’s Bahari floor planter is inspired by the natural landscape in Ghana. The hues of this seagrass basket make a lovely decorative container for an indoor plant, helping you create a carbon neutral environment in your home.

The intricate design and perfected craft of the Ghana basket, embodies a long tradition that has been passed through the hands of mothers to their daughters for centuries.

Artecnica's Earth-Friendly Starlightz Lantern

Artecnica's Earth-Friendly Stars are gorgeous paper lanterns from Goa, India.  They illuminate any surroundings with extraordinary beauty. The artisans use 100% wood-free paper, free of chlorine bleach. Last, but not least, they are crafted by hand for all people to enjoy.  The paper is hand-printed and punched making each lantern a true original.

Comforters and Quilts Made By California Quilt Company

California Quilt Company’s rustic comforters and quilts are made in Jaipur, India with natural dyes. Hand blocks are used to print designs onto supple cotton to create unique and exquisite patterns.

This fall of 2020, we are excited to introduce the Fall/Winter Home Décor collection. Characterized by the awe-inspiring wonder of beautiful colors, this collection line made of felted wool is pure and organic. These products tell the story of simple, optimistic and timeless ways of being and living. They are the messengers of Nepal’s sensitive soul, which we love to invite into our homes.