Different Ways You Can Be More Eco Friendly

Whether you want to go green to save money or help the environment, they are plenty of eco-friendly ideas that are easy and affordable to implement at home. 

In addition to buying zero waste sustainable bath products, the following ideas will help you keep a sustainable home: 

#1 Turn Off Electricity

Energy conservation is one of the most important things you can do to be green. Leaving electric appliances on unnecessarily is a big waste of energy. 

#2 Buy Eco-Friendly Appliances

Make sure your appliance and technology are energy-efficient. You will be using less electricity when they are on, saving money and reducing your carbon footprint. 

#3 Use Renewables

Change your source of energy to 100% renewable if you can. You can go solar on your home and eventually get all of your energy from the sun in warmer climates. Some cities offer 100% renewable energy sources, too. 

#4 Do Not Waste Food

Millions of tons of food are wasted in America every year. This is a big waste of money and food, and it also creates more CO2 in landfills. 

#5 Compost

If you have food that is spoiling or meal scraps, you can compost it rather than putting it down the garbage disposal. This creates a wonderful fertilizer that keeps the garden green and healthy. It also reduces what goes into our landfills. 

#6 Recycle As Much As You Can

If you want to have a greener lifestyle, you probably are recycling. But you could probably improve what you are doing. The fact is, you can recycle most things, from cars, to paper to batteries. 

#7 Try To Reduce Plastic Use

Plastic seems to be in most items we buy. But giving it up is not as hard as you think. Bring a paper or canvas bag with you when you shop, buy your fruits and vegetables loose and do not buy anything in a plastic bottle, such as water. 

#8 Use LED

LED bulbs last longer and they are much more efficient, with about 70% of their energy going to light, rather than 70% to heat as with conventional bulbs. 

#9 Insulate

Put more insulation in your attic to keep it warm in winter and cold in summer. This is one of the most eco-friendly tips out there, and it will save on your electric bill. 

Try these eco-friendly ideas to make your life more sustainable, and affordable too!


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