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MUSKHANE means “smile” in Nepali. And that’s exactly  what their felted wool goods will make you do. Smile.  Muskhane felt wares are soft and gentle and they come in  a rainbow of vibrant, yet organic feeling colors. 

Muskhane Felted Wool

All of the goods that Muskhane produces are inspired by  the color palette of land in which they are created - Nepal.  And the amazing fabric that they use to create their  colorful wares is also inspired by the land. Since the 7th  century BC, shepherds of Central Asia have used felted  wool to create coats, hats, rugs, and tapestries. Today,  Muskhane’s felted wool is hand made using the same  techniques as the ancients shepherds did.

Felt Yurt

It begins with carded wool, soap, and water. A long  process of pressure and friction is then applied to interlace  the wool’s fibers. The result is a soft, weather-resistant,  and sound-insulating fabric. Felted wool is also  hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and dust mite-resistant. 


Historically speaking, Asian made products are considered  to be amongst the world’s finest. But today, there is a  stigma attached to Eastern imports. For many, “Made in  China” has become a stamp of disapproval. Any kind of  Asian overseas production often leads to questions about  exploitation and low-quality goods. 

With Muskhane you don’t have to worry about that. Their products aren’t just made in Nepal, they are made with  Nepal. This is a brand born out of love and respect for the land and the people who inhabit it. All of their goods are handmade by the most skilled artisans in the valley of Kathmanduin. The same valley in which the brand was founded and continues to live. 

Valley of Kathmanduin

By basing themselves in Kathmandu, Muskhane has  helped build a stronger local economy and celebrate the  exceptional artisanal craftwork of the region. Muskhane is  a collaboration with the terrain. A partnership with the  natives. A bond between brand and land. 



Ecoist is a new provider of Muskhane felted goods in the U.S. They are beautiful, comfortable, and responsibly made with love and care. Everything you will get from them brings beauty and happiness into your home. Amongst the favorite items are the Chakra Bicolor Cushions, the XXL Felt Lampshades, and the Hanging Kangaroo Baskets.

The Chakra Bicolor Cushion is amazingly cozy and comfortable. People love to use them for relaxing by the fireplace and some customers say that they are the world's best meditation cushions. The cushions are filled with hypoallergenic kapok fibers, compact enough that you can easily move them around the house. From the living room to the bedroom, they look good in literally every spot you put them. Like a bouquet of beautiful flowers, each cushion adds a touch of soft organic color and energy to the room.

Felt Lampshade

The Felt Lampshade is great because of its gentle shape and soft illumination. If you don't like bright hard light, but also don't like dark rooms, these unique shaped XXL lampshades are designed just for you. The softness of the felt makes for a perfect balance. The felted wool smooths everything out. Even with an LED light bulb, you still get a natural feeling glow.

Reimagine your room with a felt lampshade on a side table instead of the typical industrial or overhead lights. When you have guests over to set more of a relaxing mood, you don’t need to lower the lights. Also they are soft on your eyes so you can try one on your bedside table that you can use for reading.

Hanging Kangaroo Baskets are for the house plants that are sitting around the house, keep them in the midst of your eye level to enjoy them better.

The baskets come in three colors; matching the unique Quartz Pink colored basket with the Staghorn Fern, and the Tender Green colored basket with the  Chenille Plant. The baskets add an extra layer of color and texture to your environment. Knowing the eco-friendly sustainable history of how they were created makes you feel good too. Everything that Muskhane produces is handmade by a team of skilled craftswomen who are working together to build a stronger local economy and celebrate the exceptional artisanal craftwork of their region.

Reimagine your home with our felted wool home decor ideas!


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