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Laima Ceramics

Stone Teapot With Juniper Wood Handle


500 ml | 17 liquid oz

Designed and created in the nestled countryside of Latvia, this unique sculpturesque teapot is handcrafted with mindfulness, care and beauty. Enjoying the slowly made, highest quality objet d'art brings "a little quiet beauty into everyday life."  Let it become a part of your life story.  

Laima Grigone was born in Latvia and attended Bauska Art School. After gaining a diploma in photography, she moved to UK to do Foundation Degree in Art and Design at the Oxford Brookes University. She received a degree in Contemporary Crafts from Falmouth University where she gained experience in working with clay, wood, metal and glass.  Looking for a way to include art in everyday life, she decided on pottery.

  • Handmade in the spirit of gratitude and joy, honoring nature