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About Us

Environmental Mood Board – ECOIST

We’re an earth-friendly marketplace
where sustainability meets style.

We’re here to advocate a cleaner, 
more beautiful and ecologically elevated lifestyle. 

Our selections of curated items are vetted to be 
ethically sourced, produced, and packaged.

We partner only with tastemakers who 
consider the entire lifecycle of their products.

Ecoist in-store at The Chrysalis Lab in Malibu, CA 

ECOIST is beyond excited to have an in-store shop at the latest Malibu destination spot, The Chrysalis Lab Atelier, a new concept store by celebrity wardrobe stylist Emma Trask. 

Our collaboration of upcycling fashion and coveted sustainable goods created a store that is an art studio-meets-retail space offering stylish, one-of-a-kind clothing, Ecoist’s refined sustainable homeware and popular experiential workshops. 

We’re proud to be at The Chrysalis Lab where a unique form of garment upcycling service is offered, a transformation process “Chrysalization”, with existing clothes out of the closet reimagined by the fabulous Emma Trask and her creative team.

You are invited to shop, explore and effortlessly refine your home with elevated sustainable, circular designs.

Why we do what we do

With domestic U.S. landfills inundated, and only 8% of our waste being recycled annually, ECOIST founder Sue Choi felt compelled to seek out inspiring brands who shared her vision of a plastic-free and refined sustainable future. After countless hours researching and discovering the most creative, high-quality, and aesthetically elevated brands at the forefront of the sustainability movement, Sue knew she had to bring them together in one place. That’s when ECOIST was born -- A one-stop shop for eco-conscious consumers who want to save time while discovering inspiring items for a cleaner lifestyle and a healthier planet.

What we believe in

We believe in the ideals of the regenerative culture and circular design.  We thrive to connect with each individual in an effort towards change. Through these connections, shoppers can think in terms of the entire ecocycle of the products when it comes to their purchase decisions. This, in turn fosters systemic changes in the status quo, interrupting plastic and other forms of major pollution. It’s NOW that we must adopt the healthy and resilient principles of the regenerative culture.

The Regenerative Culture cares for the planet and life itself, upholding the awareness that this perspective is the most effective way to create a thriving future for all of us:

Tending to the Different Areas of Holistic Caring

  • Interpersonal Care
    Ensure we take care of the relationship we have, being mindful of how we affect each other, taking responsibility for our side of our relationships
  • Self Care
    Ensure we take care of our own needs and personal recovery from the different forms of toxicity that exist within our system
  • People & Planet Care
    Ensure we look after our wider communities and the earth that sustain us all
  • Community Care
    Ensure we take care of our development as a network and community, strengthening our connections and adherence to these principles and values

 "Each one of us must do our part in creating a better world, through the small choices we make each day - what we buy, eat, wear - may seem insignificant, the cumulative effect of billions of people making ethical choices, will start to heal the natural world." - Jane Goodall