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Love Lamb

Cruelty Free Felted Sheep Patchwork Fleece


Shetland & Gotland Multi Sheep Patchwork Fleece - White & Grey. Approx 20" Diameter

White Iceland Shetland - 2' W x 3.5' L

If you love natural sheep fleece, you would absolutely LOVE this!

The farmer and felt maker, Jess of Love Lamb takes the raw fleece from her annual shearing and pieces it back together using various felting techniques. Traditional pelts have leather (skin) on the back of the fleece, but no animals are harmed via her method of production.  

During a long, dark, upstate New York Winter - Love Lamb was born.  Determined to find a reason to add sheep to Jess and her husband Steve's farm, Jess spent months researching everything that could be made with wool.

Felt making seemed to come naturally to Jess, and while she now has her own small flock of sheep, she continues to source wool locally from fiber farms across New England. Her own sheep not only provide fiber, but play a critical role in their Echo Orchard’s permaculture design - trimming the grass between trees and providing manure to enhance the soil.