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Kat Vinegrad

Wall Hanging Art - Bird, Hands, Tears


Bird, Hands, Tears

Discarded Fabric, Found Objects

22" Diameter

Kat Vinegrad's deeply personal assemblage practice explores a longstanding fascination with found objects and discarded items, each with a story to tell.

Often juxtaposed with intricately embroidered and appliquéd recurring motifs such as eyes, hands, birds and tears, these pieces become imbued with new and powerful meanings. Chosen objects may be excavated from the artist’s childhood or those of her children, gifted from friends, strangers, or even nature herself.

By placing these objects into novel contexts, using needle and thread as the linking mechanism, a new and deeply symbolic story is allowed to emerge.

Kat Vinegrad earned a degree in Fine arts at Middlesex Polytechnic, London. UK.

  • Vintage Round Wood Frame
  • Malibu, California artist