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Belgian Linen Throw & Towel - Mustard Stripe


43x71". Decorative Throw | Beach Towel | Meditation Shawl

100% Belgian linen, Mustard Stripe is stunning with natural flax fiber embodying gentle texture that compliments modern and rustic elegance in your home. 

You can use them as a stylish wrap around sarong, decorative throw on a sofa or bed, a zen quality meditation blanket as well as a light tow to take to the beach.  In the Fall/Winter season, use it as a shawl!

  • Certified Belgian Linen
  • Machine washable and can be easily air dried
  • Durable fabric made from Belgian flax 

About Belgian Linen -

The home region of the maker has been known for centuries for transforming flax into linen. From field to fiber, from yarn to fabric, added value is created here through the passion and expertise of their professionals. It is their mission to work with flax farmers, spinners and finishers to leave the smallest possible ecological footprint.