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Cork Desk Organizer


4.25x4.25x2.25".  Cork Desk Organizer. 

This desk organizer is a simple zero waste product.  It is made of cork and designed to hold cell phones, pens and note pads, creating good Feng Shui in your office or home.  A perfect stand to rest your phone for Facetime calls!

About Cork Oak Trees –

The cork oak forests are the foundation of one of the 36 most important ecosystems in the world for preserving biodiversity. Over 200 animal species and 135 plant species find ideal conditions for survival in the cork oak forest. It is estimated that for every ton of cork produced, cork oak forests capture over 73 tons of CO2, a vital contribution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  During the lifecycle of these trees, their bark can be stripped 20 times!

Responsive Footprint of the Maker -

They source and produce locally in Portugal with eco-friendly materials, leaving the lowest ecological footprints as possible.

Connected Learning -

Dedal works closely with two Portuguese universities: ESAD.CR (industrial design department) and FBA.UL (product design department), together they promote actively and on-the-job training: connected learning (school > production > market). They brief the students (different focus and design approaches) and students pitch back interesting product ideas. They select and prototype the ones that fit the company motto. Students are involved in the entire process and get royalties for their work (standard market rates).