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Sharing findings on eco-friendly raw materials, sustainable lifestyles and ethical practices
Where to Buy Organic and Ethical Kid’s Clothes
Ecoist is constantly seeking better, healthy, and eco-friendly upgrades for the products we use every day and now finally found sustainable kidswear. ITO ITO is sustainable kidswear designed for all kids to grow with them. ITO ITO's designs are intentionally gender neutral and made with the safest materials for your little ones, including OEKO certified linen and 100% organic GOTS certified cotton.
How to Buy Sustainable Pillow Inserts
The materials used for filler inside our pillows have a huge impact on our comfort levels and the way our neck, head, and spine feel as we sleep. On our hunt for greener alternatives, we’ve come across many exciting, alternative to polyester; cruelty-free feathers, wool, organic cotton, buckwheat, hemp and kapok.
Why Circular Design Is For Our Future
What if we could reimagine the way we make consumer products? What if there could be a way to not use raw materials from the natural world as a starting point? And suppose there could be products and packaging that didn’t end up as landfill waste or produce unwanted chemicals in our water supplies? Circular design could be the answer to a zero waste reality on our planet.