10 Belgian Linen Products That Look Elegant

Ecoist is one of the leading eco-friendly product stores that offers a tremendous range of handmade essentials. From bags to bed sheets, throw towels, pillow covers, wool blankets, tablecloths, and much more. You can find handcrafted products that are sustainable and stylish. Among all the Ecoist best-selling products, the Belgian linen products stand on top.

It is popular for its quality. It is the most sophisticated fabric that is comfortable and stylish. Products made from Belgian Linen provide a premium feel. With it, you can make incredible home decor products that give your home a decent look. In this blog, we will explore the ten most amazing Belgian linen products that are sustainable and elegant.

1. Belgian Flax Linen Throw Towel

After a refreshing bath, the Belgian Flax Linen Throw Towel is your perfect partner. It absorbs all the extra moisture from your skin and provides healthy, dry, and gentle skin. Ecoist offers a 100 percent Belgian Flax Linen Throw Towel that is easy to wash and use. 

It has several full-color strips on both ends. If you are decorating your guest room, get one of them. It provides a luxurious look to your room. A Linen Throw Towel is the perfect present for sensitive people who prefer comfort.

2. Libeco Scarf:

The Bastion stripe on natural white Belgian Linen is perfect for resort wear, pairing with jeans, t-shirts, or light dress suits. You can also wear the Libeco Scarf for a traditional look, as its sophisticated color looks perfect with each color. This sustainable scarf, measuring 24"x 82", is made from certified Linen, transforming flax into Linen.

The maker's mission is to minimize ecological footprint, working with flax farmers, spinners, and finishers. Add a touch of sophistication to any outfit with a Libeco Belgian linen scarf. Its lightweight and breathable fabric makes it perfect for year-round wear, while its timeless design ensures effortless style.

3. GOTS Certified Organic Linen Bedding – Heritage

Belgian Flax Linen Sheet Set, including flat sheets, fitted sheets, pillow shams, and duvet covers, is made from 100% organic European flax fibers. GOTS Certified Organic Linen Bedding – Heritage has gentle raw textures and is 100% GOTS Certified. Libeco Linen is machine washable but avoids overdrying in high heat.

Libeco works with flax farmers, spinners, and finishers to create the highest benefit with the smallest ecological footprint. The Global Organic Textile Standard is the leading textile processing standard for organic fibers worldwide, backed by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.

4. Libeco Linen Bedding- The Workshop Stripe Collection

Workshop Stripe Collections is prepared from 100 percent linen. Libeco Belgian Linen Bedding is soft and gentle, providing a calming experience. You can easily wash it in the machine, but avoid excess heat, as its fabrics become rough. Ecoist uses sustainable processes to convert raw Linen into sophisticated Libeco Linen Bedding.

Belgian Linen Flax Sheet is the most demanding bedding collection due to its unique design and look. You can shop Sisco, Tahoe Stripe Collection, Swimmers Collection, Guest House Stripe, Nottinghill Collection, San Gabriel Stripe Collection, Canal Stripe, and more.

5. Makeup Bag – Corse

These bags are Famous for their subtle beauty and elegant texture. Travelers use it for travel toiletry bags. This 13"x7.5" stonewashed bag is of certified Linen. Belgian Linen Makeup Bag – Corse is naturally biodegradable and CO2 neutral. Libeco is a leading manufacturer that collaborates with flax farmers, spinners, and finishers to create the highest-value makeup bags.

These small bags are perfect for parties, as they contain all the stuff you need for touch-ups. Their elegant design makes them ideal for carrying off your shoulders. Their color is decent, and they look adorable with all dresses.

6. Belgian Linen Pouch

The Pouch is a practical and medium-sized toiletry bag. This natural linen bag is soft and easy to store many things. It is available in one color but has strips of Different Colors. It features a matching zip and a practical handle that is attractive to zip for convenient use at home or on travel.

This minimalist small bag is perfect for organizing your jewelry and makeup products. It reflects simplicity and style. You can get this amazing Belgian Linen Pouch from Ecoist. They also have several other cosmetic bags to help you organize your stuff.

7. Libeco Table Napkin

The Libeco Belgian Linen Table Napkin is from certified Belgian Linen. It is an elegant, soft piece that elevates table settings and culinary designs. Made from Belgian flax, one of the Linen Eco-Friendly textiles, it is machine washable and easily air-dried. Table napkins reflect the taste of your house. It is the most versatile fabric made in Europe.

8. Libeco Linen Tablecloth:

The Belgian tablecloth is a classic and fascinating piece of cloth that enhances the look of your table. It contains a striped collection in sage, vintage rose, and black stripes, perfect for enhancing the ambiance of your home. This durable fabric is made from certified Belgian flax, and it is machine washable and air-dried, ensuring a sustainable farming process and a CO2-neutral weaving mill.

Make your dinner table look calming, and enjoy your meals with a decent vibe. Its clothes and home decor make your living space more luxurious. Libeco Belgian Linen Tablecloths are perfect for every occasion; you can decorate your outside garden table with them.

9. Libeco Linen Wool Blanket

Ecoist's most remarkable product is its Libeco Belgian Linen Wool Blanket due to its lightweight and wonderful designs. You can wrap yourself in this on the chilly nights of winter. It is warm and comfortable, consisting of wool and Linen. The size of the blanket is 55"x 86.6". It is perfect for one adult.

Make your bedroom look more enhanced with a Libeco Linen Wool Blanket. Ecoist offers three different colors of Wool Blankets. Its breathable fabric makes it unique from other heavy blankets. These handmade blankets are easy to wash and dry.

10. Linen Pillow Cover

Pillow covers are the real game changers in your bedroom. Add a touch of romance with a Pillow Cover. You can get it from Ecoist, which offers different color variations and designs of Libeco Pillow covers. These covers are 20 by 20 inches. Their strip patterns provide a vintage look that creates an aesthetic vibe in your rooms.

The long-lasting durability of the Belgian Linen Pillow Covers makes them soft and comfy with time. These pillow covers make your living room and bedroom stylish and attractive. They are available in different fascinating color combinations.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Why choose Belgian linen Products?

It is renowned for its precision in harvesting and manufacturing process. It is derived from the mild climate and a long textile business skill history. Make your lifestyle luxurious with original Belgian linen products.

What is Belgian Linen?

It is a type of linen fabric that is made from the flax plant. It is used to prepare premium quality products that are low-weight and easy to wash. Get Belgian Linen products from Ecoist and make your living space more attractive.

What Belgian linen products can I shop from Ecoist?

Ecoist offers a diverse range of Belgian linen Products. These include a Belgian Flax Linen Throw Towel, a Belgian Linen Makeup Bag—corse, a Libeco Belgian Linen Table Napkin, a Libeco Belgian Linen Tablecloth, a Belgian Linen Pouch, GOTS Certified Organic Linen Bedding, and much more.


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