Everything You Wanted to Know About Caring For your Belgian Linen Fabric

Belgian linen fabric is one of the world's oldest natural fabrics. It is considered the most precious type of Linen due to its exceptional quality. Special flax plant fibers are used to prepare this top-quality Linen. You can only find flax plants in Belgium. One of the outstanding qualities of Belgian flax linen is you can easily apply dyes to it. Belgian Linen Fabric is the right choice if you want a comfortable and durable fabric.

When you invest in Belgian Linen Fabric, you are investing in a product that is absorbent, lint-free, and non-allergenic. Its luxurious and naturally antibacterial properties ensure it absorbs all the extra moisture from your skin. And with the right care, your Belgian Linen products can last for years. In this blog, we'll share all the tips and tricks to help you increase the life of your linen products.

Cleaning Tip about Belgian Linen Fabric

Linen is perfect for summer as it absorbs all the extra moisture and feels gentle on the skin. It is natural, strong, breathable, and of high quality. Linen products are low-maintenance and simple to wash, iron, and dry. Buying Linen is easy but sometimes comes with strict care guidelines. Make sure you are comfortable with the care advice.

You must wash and dry it properly to maintain its quality and look. Use gentle washing techniques and avoid high heat when drying it. However, if you want to increase the life of your favorite Belgian Linen Pillow Covers, designer throw blankets, wool blankets, or linen towels, then follow all the instructions:

  • Washing
  • Drying & Ironing
  • Storing

How do I Wash Belgian linen Products?

Step 1: Soak the Fabric Separately

Soak your linen fabric in water before washing. Do not use warm or hot water; use regular-temperature water. Soak dark and light-colored fabrics separately.

Step 02: Machine Setting

Fill your machine with regular-temperature water and add half a spoon of high-quality detergent. Do not pour the detergent directly onto your fabrics, as it can stain them. Choose a gentle spin cycle and wash your fabric in the machine.

Step: 03 Removing Stains

Avoid any bleach-containing liquids and stain removers. Apply warm water and wash with a hand to remove the stain from your favorite fabric.

Step: 04 Dry

Do not put your Wet Items in direct sunlight. Use a gentle spin cycle on your Dryer. Avoid high heat, as it will shrink your fabric. 

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Dos and don’ts of Drying & Ironing Belgian Linen


  • First, read all the instructions regarding your Belgian linen fabric.
  • Air-dry your Linen slowly.
  • Spray a small amount of water during the drying process.
  • Change the setting of the iron and Dryer to remove wrinkles from the fabric.
  • Iron with medium heat and damp the Item. If you have fabrics in a black and brown color combination, press them upside down. Use a steam iron if the material is dry and hard to iron.


  • Do not use high heat as it burns your fabrics.
  • Please do not leave your linen Items in the Dryer for too long, as this can cause wrinkles and hard drying of your fabrics.
  • Avoid excess drying time, as it can make your fabric dry and fade.

How can I store my Belgian linen Products?

Storing your linen Items is an art that helps you to retain the shine of Belgian linen fabrics. Follow the simple steps to last your linen fabric's life.

  • Use dry and covered places to store your linen fabrics.
  • Place acid-free papers in your storage box to avoid the color-fadedness of your Items.
  • Wrap your Items in a plastic bag to avoid moisture.

How to Remove Stains From Belgian Linen Fabrics?

If you mistakenly place any stain on your linen Products, do not worry. We have some perfect solutions for you.

  • Soak the dirty Item with water. Please do not rub it excessively, or your Items will become Fade.
  • Place a top-quality stain remover over the stain and leave for a few minutes.
  • Apply warm water and wash with a hand to remove the stain from the fabric. Make sure to do this with soft hands to avoid any mishaps.
  • Wash it with clean water and get perfectly washed stainless fabric. Shop these 10 Belgian linen products that look elegant and enhance the look of your living space.

Where to Get Belgian Linen Products? 

Finding original linen products can be difficult. If you want to buy handcrafted original linen fabric, explore the Ecoist website. We offer Pillow Covers, Belgian Flax Linen Table Napkins, designer throw blankets, Wool blankets, Linen Towels, and much more. Linen is famous for its incredible premium quality. With us, you do not have to worry about the linen quality, as Ecoist use 100% Merino Wool to prepare our wool products.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Can I use softer fabric while washing linen fabrics?

The answer is no. You do not have to use any type of softener to soften your Items; instead, just soak the fabric in water before washing. This will not only maintain the shine of your fabric but also keep it moist and cozy.

Is there any specific temperature for washing linen?

You can wash your Linen fabric at 30 degrees. To avoid shrinkage, do not exceed the water temperature above 80 °C. If you have a plain color, use one below 60 degrees.

Can I wash my linen Items in the machine?

The answer is yes, but take all the washing measures to retain the shine and health of your Items. Dip your fabrics into the water before washing them in the machine.

How can I retain the color of my linen Items?

Once Linen fades away, you cannot get its color back. However, you can follow some steps to maintain the shine of your linen fabrics. Avoid high temperatures and direct heat, and iron on dry fabrics.

What are the popular Belgian Linen products?

You can find various Belgian Linens that add a sophisticated touch to your Flax color rugs. Rugs, soft Linen Towels, pouch napkins, and bedding are some of the top-demanded linen products. Explore the Vast linen collection of Ecoist and shop all your desired products.


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