Explore Why Belgian Linen is Your Go-To Resource for Style

Belgian Flax Linen is the essence of perfection. It is popular for its natural cooling effects and durability. Due to their sophisticated look, people have loved buying Belgian Linen products for the past several decades. To add a royal touch to your home, decorate it with premium Belgian Flax Linen products.

Linen comes in many kinds, but the top quality is Belgian Flax. It is ultra-soft, comfortable, allergen-free, highly absorbent, and temperature-regulating. In this blog, we will analyze the products, the superiority of Belgian Linen, the Key Differences between Belgian Linen and flax linen, and Answer some frequently asked questions.

What is Belgian Flax Linen?

Belgian Linen is a fabric originating from Belgium's flax cultivation and weaving tradition. Its fine weave, soft texture, and understated elegance make it a favourite among designers, artisans, and consumers due to its exceptional quality. This eco friendly textile material is lightweight and rich in tone and colour.

Belgian Linen is of supreme quality and is one of the most expensive and luxurious durable fabrics. Western Europe, including France, Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Spain, produces 80-85% of flax fibre. These countries are the world's largest exporters of linen fabrics, Products and home decor.

How can I Cultivate Belgian Flax Linen?

Fabric belgian linen is a product of the flax plant, which is widely cultivated worldwide. The flax plant does not require irrigation, pesticides, or fertilizers. The process of making linen fabric involves the following:

  • Harvesting Flax Plant
  • Retting
  • Drying
  • Weaving, Finishing
  • Quality Control

The Flax plant's harvest takes a minimum of 100 days. It grows only in cool environments and damp soil. When the plant changes its colour from yellow to brown, it is ready to harvest. "After harvesting the Flax plant in large quantities, proceed to the second step.". In retting, apply water pressure to the flax fibre and separate the stem.

Blend the stem to make smooth and straight fibre. Now, create a yarn with the fibre and tie it to make a bundle. Add the dye and colours of your choice. Once the dye is dry, check the flaws and quality. Fix all the things if needed, and your final linen fabric will be ready to use.

What is flax Linen?

Flax is the name of the plant. Flax linen is produced from its fibre. The plant contains cellulose fibre in its stem, which undergoes harvesting. The innermost part of a plant includes the best fibre. Flax linen is in high demand due to its purity and authenticity.

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Why is Belgian Flax Linen Superior to Others?

Belgian Linen is a premium quality fabric made from flax. Its durability is evidence of the essential strength of flax fibres and the particular weaving techniques. The fabric's luxurious texture and soft touch make it superior to other linens.

Belgian flax linen is unique because of its breathability and moisture-wicking properties. It is an ideal choice for bedding and apparel in warmer climates. Whether used as curtains, covers, or clothing, it adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

Key Differences of Belgian Linen and flax linen:

Belgian Linen and Belgian flax linen differ primarily in the origin of the flax fibres. The outer region of Europe produces flax linen, which is of good quality but ranked as the second-best Linen in the world. Meanwhile, Belgian linen fibre grows in Belgium and is popular for its superior quality.

The production of Belgian Linen and flax linen is the same; the difference is the production standards. Belgian Flax Linen is used to make machine washable Fabrics. Other types of Linen are not machine-friendly and shrink during washing.

Belgian Flax Linen Products to Style Your Living Space

We have picked the three most elegant Belgian linen products to make your living space more fascinating.

  • Belgian Linen Wool Blanket
  • Libeco Belgian Linen Throw Towel
  • Certified Organic Linen Bedding

Belgian Linen Wool Blanket

Bring the forest into your home with the Libeco Belgian Flax Linen Wool Blanket. The high quality blankets and throws feature lively stripes and a black and flax herringbone that induces the beauty of the great outdoors. The soft linen and wool fabric provides cosy hotness. Give your home decor a stylish, eco-conscious update with the Libeco Belgian Linen Wool Blanket.

Key Features

  • Made from a weighty 70% linen and 30% wool blend for durability and comfort
  • Sustainably sourced materials from a carbon-neutral Belgian mill
  • Vibrant, colourful design inspired by nature
  • Flax-coloured trim adds a refined touch

A Luxurious Libeco Belgian Linen Throw Towel

This Belgian Flax Linen throw towel from Libeco is the ultimate versatile home accessory. Its light grey colour and elegant texture add a touch of simple sophistication wherever you use it. Escape the stresses of everyday life by wrapping yourself in the comfort of this Belgian linen throw. The light grey hue and smooth linen texture promote relaxation. Use it as a meditation aid or a stylish yet cosy throw blanket.

Key Features

  • Sustainably made from 100% certified Belgian Flax Linen in a carbon-neutral mill.
  • The large size (43"x 71") is great as a beach towel, bath towel, or decorative throw.
  • Lightweight and quick drying - easily machine-washable.

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Certified Organic Linen Bedding

Wake up refreshed between crisp organic linen sheets. Ecoist Certified Organic Linen Bedding envelops you in gentle, raw luxury as you drift off to sleep. Belgian Organic linen bedding sets a new healthy, sustainable sleep standard. It brings a touch of simple elegance to bedrooms. The fabric only gets softer and shinier with use and washing.

Key Features

  • Made from 100% organic European flax in a certified carbon-neutral Belgian mill
  • Choose from four elegant neutral colours: Stylish Wraps White, Oyster, Flax or Ash.
  • Naturally breathable and temperature-regulating for year-round comfort
  • Machine washable and durable for years of beauty

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Where to buy authentic Belgian Flax Linen?

If you want to buy authentic Belgian Linen, visit Ecoist. It is an eco friendly brand with tremendous collections of tablecloths, pouches, bed linen, table napkins, Throw Towels, and more.

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